Hello! I’m Chris.

Chris Chan (c) Jennie Scott 2015
“I’ve been an actor, music director, composer, web designer, TV freelancer and teacher. I guess you could say I’ve bounced around the block a bit – sort of like one of those arcade pinball machines. Or an overweight hooker.”

Latest Work

Gongs, Songs & Hong Kong Thongs


‘Gongs, Songs & Hong Kong Thongs’ premiered as part of the China Changing Festival at the Southbank Centre on 7th October 2017. With a sold out audience and positive initial responses, the show would go on to play a further two London venues including a full-capacity China Exchange in Soho. Within three performances, it has already earned the reputation of being ‘brilliant’, ‘hilarious’ and ‘thought-provoking’ for some; whilst ‘offensive’, ‘provocative’ and ‘irresponsible’ for others.

A brand new fast-paced 52-minute show inspired by American stand-up and Chinese cross-talk. Gongs, Songs & Hong Kong Thongs is packed with comic banter and wicked songs about the weird and wonderful quirks, attitudes and faux pas found in modern day Britain and China, and with the help of digital technology – incorporates a man performing a duet with himself.

With tongue firmly in cheek, hear a man wax on (and wax off) lyrically about Asian stereotyping in a show that’s part-culture guide, part biography, part parody.